I.M Paralysis of Analysis. What's the Cure?

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Paralysis of Analysis is a quiet habit that can delay taking action. I use to have it bad, especially when I first started in my direct sales career, my Internet marketing business and even when it came to asking out my last girl friend on a first date ( But I digress).

I have much better control of it now, thanks to being aware of it and taking steps to control it. But it still sneaks in unexpectedly when I take on any new I.M project or challenging task.

How do or ... did you personally overcome paralysis of analysis when it comes to Internet marketing, especially when facing new, unchartered territory?
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    I broke up the project into smaller parts and set a week deadline for each part. I even marked each deadline on a large calendar in the kitchen. That calendar served as a reminder. Otherwise, I'd still be thinking about what I wanted to do next.
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    Yeah. Setting a schedule for yourself is really the best way to get things done. Just know what you have to do and do it. Once the planning stage is over, take action and action only. Evaluate your results AFTER your campaign, not during.
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    Stay away from the computer/internet as much as you possibly can, then once you do go online do so for your work. If you also limit yourself to a daily alloted time to play or read forums etc, then stick to it.

    Another great resource is to manage your days. Plan them the evening before and put them into order of imprortance.

    A great place to manage your schedule and get organised etc... Todo.ly Simple Todo List
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    I just do the absolute minimum (like ridiculously easy goals) I'm willing to do... sometimes it can be as simple as opening up a word processor.

    This is powerful, because I occasionally just start doing what I have to do, even if I thought I was going to "procrastinate" on it.

    You can fool yourself into doing work... but I think the KEY here is to actually have the motivation you need.

    You just will not do something if you're not motivated to do it in the first place.

    If you haven't dug deep into the real reason you want to be an IM'er, do that first.

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    The first time I considered trying out IM, the analysis paralysis completely got me. I eventually forgot all about it for a year or two.

    When I tried IM again I was determined not to let it happen, so I more or less blindly jumped into my first website and foray into affiliate marketing.

    I find that once you get over it at first, it's not at all an issue anymore. That's my experience, though.
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    IM paralysis...I got the cure.

    1) Stop buying every product under the sun.

    2) stick to one thing

    3) Take action

    4) Then take more action

    5) See money start to come in.

    I guess most people do not even get past step one. tsk tsk. Oh well.
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    Originally Posted by The Niche Man View Post

    How do or ... did you personally overcome paralysis of analysis when it comes to Internet marketing, especially when facing new, unchartered territory?
    Keep taking actions and stop thinking about failure and just let it happen.
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    good thing it is not a disease, therefore does not need to be cured. approximately 35% of the population is wired the same way. there are 4 personality types, and you know "who you are". there are just as many benefits as drawbacks to any type anyway, that will never change. i agree with wayne gretzsky who tells us we miss 100% of the shots we never take. as long as you set up a systematic criteria for a decision making process and go through it and stay true to yourself about your value system, then when it comes time to move, it's either left, right, or stay straight, and you execute accordingly. if not is broken, you won't have to fix it. you are doing "you", perfectly. Dr. Mike
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    Don't have a dozen windows open at once...ie: sports updates, news sites, email, etc. Try to have only the necessary related to what you are doing NOW!
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    set an egg timer - yep, a real egg timer
    sounds kinda dumb, but you let yourself look at the numbers for only a limited time. Once the little bell rings you have to stop.

    you have to be good about actually stopping or just resetting it
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    The best advice I received was to go as far as you can currently see (as quickly as possible.) When you arrive there, you will always be able to see further.

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    I just do whatever I can in that moment and vow to finish it before moving on to something else.
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    One is that if it occurs you need to do take a break and step back from whatever it is you are working on.Find something that you love to do that can get your mind completely off of your work. Then after you have given yourself and your mind a break and done something to help you relax, you will want to get back to work at some point. What you should do before you dive right back in is sit down and make a schedule.This will give you some tangible goals that you can meet and will allow you to organize your time.It is very important that you start with reasonable goals and work your way up.

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