What is more important to google content or back link

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I have been asking this to my self for long time, what is more important in google, in the SEO point of view the content or the back link. Every time I ask what are the best way to get my site rank well in google I always get most of the answer build back link to your site as many as you want.

So does that mean that google or other search engine don't care of the quality and how frequent I update my site? And a site which have smaller content and not updated regularly or never updated with huge back link will out rank a site with huge, quality content and regularly updated site?
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    Hi there,

    The exact combination of the above will never be revealed. It is a closely guarded Google secret.

    What Google cares about (in no particular order)

    - Quality (uniqueness) of content
    - Regular updates
    - Quality of incoming links

    You need to balance these 3 in order to get a good amount of traffic to your site.

    All the best

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      We share the same thoughts I guess, But I have seen in actual competition a site out ranking many sites with huge back link but not much content and not updated regularly compare to my site which I regularly update (3 times a day) all unique content and fresh. I also have some 10,000 back link but never out rank the other site with more than 200,000 back link but not much content and never updated since it was created I guess
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      Nobody knows, only google knows.
      Trougout your SEO research you will read 50.000 different views on link building and off page optimization.

      The only thing you can do is test.
      I did massive article submitting and reached PR3 in 2 months.
      I didnt receive much traffic but still it felt great.

      No duplicate content mambo jambo, even though I only submitted 8 articles to about 1000 directories.

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