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I write a free article every week and post it on my site and it goes out to about a dozen other high traffic websites in my niche. One question I have though is if my article is being posted all over the place do I lose any SEO benefits for having it on my own site even though I am the creator of it?

If so is there a way to get around this?

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    Hi there,

    The way I think it works is the Google assumes whichever site it picks the article up first is the authority / originator of the article.

    If you are concerned about this then make sure the article on your site is unique and send a different one to the websites you submit to.

    Alternatively, make sure your website is spidered first and then submit your article.

    All the best

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    from your post its hard to tell if you are posting the same article to your site and blog, or if they automatically go from your blog to other sites, liek from rss feeds or something.

    If it's the first, I'd rewrite the article, so your not posting the same thing on your blog as posting to many article directories, so no duplicate content penalty.

    If it's the 2nd, I'd socially bookmark my site (especially digg) to make sure it gets indexed 1st, that way google knows that they are copying your site, so you still get ranked (just like ezine articles gets ranked even though people can use their articles - because google love them, just liek they love web 2.0 social bookmarking).
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      Thanks for the tip. What I'm doing is writing an article. Posting it on my site. And then sending it to several other sites who copy it and post it on theres. It is syndicated content. So that makes sense - just bookmark it on digg and some other bookmarking sites and that should help google know it originated on my site. Thanks.
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    I think Google will consider it as duplicate content and your site will suffer why don't keep some for yourself and distribute the rest.

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