Be A Monkey God!

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All right,

I was gonna go to bed, but after checking out all the cool functions of this forum - I have a tip.

"Be A Monkey God!"

What's that mean?

Well, check out what Allen is doing here and go with the flow. Use what he's giving you. The man never ceases to amaze - and he's so "low key." Gotta love that. Nobody even knows if some dude named "Allen Says" really exists - but we know what he looks like.

Honestly though - watch and learn.

If only I could follow my OWN advice. :rolleyes:

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  • Profile picture of the author Tirmizi
    I wonder .. why Allen is tooo much stuck with the " Monkey" keeps getting posts about that .... all the time. .. or might be that is exactly what he wants ... warriors to talk about him ;-)
    • Profile picture of the author Michelle Brouse
      Eh, it's all in fun because it's so different.

      Does that tell you anything?


  • Profile picture of the author Michael Silvester

    I kind of get the feeling that
    Allen didnt like that picture
    being taken?

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
    • Profile picture of the author Michelle Brouse
      Hmmm - I must find a better pic then...






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