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Hello every1. I am new to the online business stuff and i am in need of some advice. I am student and i can't afford to buy a domain name or hosting or some programs etc... so i wanted to ask you if you can recommend me an affiliate program,small business or something else that could generate me 10to20$ a day, i need it to be free and that i can get it of the ground fairly quick. i want to do this so i can save up money to promote&sell my own product (a training ebook). I'm waiting for your advices. Thank You in advance !
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    Hi there,

    You can make money using Bum Marketing (Bum Marketing Method - Free Traffic Tips) - that's a good way to start. Search through Clickbank or to find decent programs to promote.

    You can start there with zero cost and start making money from them.

    All the best

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      Hey Rhypo,

      Start a blog or squidoo lens (both free) and then as Jason says
      start article marketing to drive traffic to your blog or lens...

      The other thing you can do, once you have some cash, is to promote
      your product to the Warriors via a up about WSO's
      Warrior Special Offers Forum

      Hope this helps...


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    Do the blogging..... Earn some money from that... But if you can't buy the domain name yet then... Take it from and after you earn the basic stream of money with that the buy your own domain name from hostgator or kiosk

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