Job SCAM! Desperate People Do STUPID Things!

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I'm putting this up here to warn fellow Warriors who, like me, have fallen into the unemployed 'hard times' category and have unknowingly turned to the scum of the world trying to find a real 'job' using sites like Craigslist.

Desperate people (don't think clearly and) do desperate things!

I've been a Warrior since '98 or so. I know it SAYS I've only been here since 2010, but I was a member way back when. Learned it's about having 'multiple streams of income' from Allen and made really good money through domain registration, web hosting (still do that), site submissions, affiliate sales, reselling a few products, and SEO. Even created this lame ass character, 'Rodney Ranker' and did a 'Search Engine Ranking Tips' (the info was good stuff, just lame voice) audio mini-seminar that Allen put in his private member sites back then. (Thanks Allen) Left the 'success' to go 'back' to my 'career' cuz I got bored being the lone ranger. Needed to be around people again. Stupid thing to do.

Lost that 'career' in '09, and I've spent the last few years trying to 'get back' into that moneymaking mode with only 'some' success. (SOOO much info on this forum that focus has been a MAJOR problem for A.D.D. me. Could really use a 'mentor' to help me focus and find my way again.) I do decent web design pretty cheap, but everybody and their mother is a 'web designer' now. I'm still hosting websites (since 1998) and thought I'd do a 'cheapy' special to bring some cash.

OK.. Enough BS history... Bottom line, it hasn't been enough to live off, so I looked for a job on CL. '3rd Shift Workers Wanted' in my local market from a 'national' 84 year old property management company. 'Perfect' since I needed to be home during the day. Professional looking website. Lots of pages and info. Filled out online application. Submitted resume. They 'partnered' with ( a 'real' company and site) for free credit report needed to bring for the interview. Oops! I know. I know. You guessed it. Info never GOT to! How could I be so friggin' STUPID?!! I KNOW better than that!

Desperate people do STUPID things!

Never gave it a second thought until I got the 'rejection' email today and the guy said "thanks for applying with our company 'xxx' We found our candidate". Hmmm. I applied with 'yyy' LIGHT BULB! oops. Checked 'both' business names and 'both' had websites JUST registered (from Australia - nothing traceable).

Called a PI guy I JUST built a website for. Gave me some tips. (...aside from stuffing my head down the toilet and flushing!)

Been on the phone all day with credit companies, buying 'protection' insurance from Equifax (covers all 3), changing bank info (though, I didn't put any bank info, but figured they could get it), changing passwords, running antivirus on my computer (none found with AVG, but wouldn't be surprised if they put 'something' on it to get info).

I'm on craigslist all the time placing my web design ads and trying to sell a piece of baseball equipment I'm distributing. It's the only place I've actually MADE money. I KNOW scams when I see one. But not this one... Somebody friggin' SLAP ME!

While it 'looks' like I'm OK - unemployment hasn't helped my credit - I'm wondering "what else could they get out of me?" (Please spare me the horror stories. I quit drinking a year ago and don't want to start up again !)

Learn from this! Be smarter than me. Research it before you apply. Phone number. References. Questions. Better yet.. tough it out in your own business so you don't have to depend on lowlife jobs and job searches!

It was like a SLAP in the face today, but I'm more determined than EVER to be successful again working for ME! (rah rah!)

So... What'd you guys do today?

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps someone.

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    Dude, relax. I am pretty sure you are overreacting. If you are using up to date FireFox, antivirus and OS, nothing to worry about.

    What you are describing is old scammers method to earn commissions from "credit report" sites or so. They do it with fake jobs and also with unrealistically cheap apartments / condo for rent. In both cases, they ask you to complete a "free" credit report on the site they are affiliated with, before they hand you out your job or your cheap apartment (or cheap car for sale)

    Your info most likely DID get to the credit report site (through scammers aff link of course). So the only thing you need to worry is that (most likely) credit report site has subscribed you to some sort of "credit report subscription" BS which they will charge you money for. At any time did you give them your credit card info? If so, watch out in your CC statement carefully... There will be something coming your way. I would suggest watch closely your CC statement for a few months. And also contact the "creadit report" site and make sure there will be no charges to your CC.

    If you NEVER mentioned your CC data, then it is easy - just forget about it, nothing bad happened.

    As to this:
    'xxx' We found our candidate". Hmmm. I applied with 'yyy' LIGHT BULB! oops.

    it is just the scamers did not change their autoresponder setup which prolly mentioned their previous fake company site. They have to switch those often, you know.

    The good news is that Craig is making their life more and more difficult every day. They just dont leave him any other choice but to put million dollars into spam fighting efforts. It is like scammers from all over the world against Craig Craig has money, scammers are plenty... That is how it works these days... The same as "crap sites webmasters of the world vs Google" fight
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    Thanks for posting this. I know a lot of people who are looking for work from home jobs and I'd hate to see them get scammed. I'll be pointing them to your thread.
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    Take a deep breath, calm down, have a beer ... eerrr ... coke.

    You know you've done the right thing by what you went through to protect yourself. If you're covered up to $1 mill, you're fine. If they steal more than $1 mill from you, you probably wouldn't have done the thing you did right?

    Relax, my bank accounts got frozen tonight because the chip on my debit card was "tampered" with ... go figure.

    I'm not panicking and I have zero money for the weekend.

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