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Hey Warriors,

So, I keep trying to send my product to a customer however everytime I get a failure notice, it can't connect to the server...

All I have is the paypal address from the customer, I have emailed it through my servers, from a yahoo address, and from a gmail address, all failed...

I ave his website address, I who ised it, and got a different email, I emailed it through my servers, yahoo, and gmail, it failed again...

Should I just refund and give a notice that I couldn't send the product????

or does anyone know a better solution.
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    do you have the person's home address? maybe mail a snail mail to him.

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      Is it a 997 product? If not why waste your time?
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      Hey Todd,

      I experienced this recently in the past. What I found out was even though I got the failure notice my customer still received the product.

      However for the one or two it was a real problem. But they contacted me and let me know they had not received the product. Then I was able to reply to the message and explained what was going on, plus deliver the product. This by the way took about a week, but it worked out.

      Sorry, I couldn't give you a better answer than that.

      The Old Geezer
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      Why is it failing? Do you get a bounceback email?

      Are you sending the product as an attachment? Normally the problem is that -
      a) the file size of the attachment is too big

      b) it is of a type (usually if it's a .exe) that their firewall/antivirus will not allow through

      If this is the case the best way around it is to upload the product to your server and send them the url via email.

      But of course, if you just can't through to them via their email (even without an attachment) then that is a different problem.

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