Storing Passwords For All A Million Sites We Have Accounts With..

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I was just curious as to what Warriors use to keep track of their passwords. It's kind of a tough question because you really shouldn't use the same password for every site , because you never know who has access to your information.

I originally was using Sxipper , a free plugin for firefox, but the more I relied on it the more I couldn't do anything when I was away from my laptop. Then I though about trying keepass, another free software database thing.

It's just overwhelming sometimes, and extremely frustrating when your trying to post something somewhere and can't remember your account password.
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    Try roboform... you could sync data b/w comps using a network connection or hard drive or some mechanism to transfer files!
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    I have roboform 2 go. You load it onto a flash drive so you can take it with you to any computer. It remembers all of you login info for any site. It can also fill out forms with one click. Its an awesome tool and I think it's about $40 or so.
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    I agree RoboForm is the way to go, I have used it for years!
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      From my initial look at Roboform, it seems that its not cross-platform. I run a winbox and a macbook, and have some distros of linux as well. Not having linux support is understandable, but apple's market share is going up every day now.

      That's a shame, because it looks quite nice. Thanks for the tips guys.
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      Another vote for Roboform here. I also use it to store my site info as separate profiles. Makes it way easier to submit to directories or social sites.
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    I love KeePass KeePass Password Safe
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    im using two moleskin notebooks and a pen. i carry one notebook always in my pocket, and the other gets updated weekly and stored at a safe location. also, the second one is the only place where my email-accesses are written down, so i can recover passwords if the one i carry with me gets stolen.
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    Roboform Roboform Roboform... one of the best decisions/purchases I ever made! Not only does it allow me to keep all my logins, it has allowed me to keep most of my hair.
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    Yeah, Roboform.

    And get the Roboform2Go option. There's a sync issue (they have another piece of software for that, but i think there's an easier manual way that I've just been too lazy to test); on the whole, though, extremely useful.

    But... make sure you print out your full log-in list regularly and keep that hardcopy in a safe place.

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