High-end Affiliate Product-Creative juices sucked dry

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Hi Guys,

After continually frying my brain to constantly create hopefully eye-catching content (God willing), when it comes to using my articles in the directories, then having them linked back to my site for a more detailed description of my affiliate product - my mind freezes up about the high cost.

In other words, as original and thought-provoking as my content can be, I'm just at a loss for trying to prepare my visitors about the high-cost of the product. i don't want them to freak out when they click through, and even though the smart ones, should have already some idea that it's not going to cost only 1 or 200 bucks, (most of these items start at 1000 bucks), but i just can't seem to come up with the words to let them know 'beforehand' what they're about to come across when they look at the price-tag, yet don't want them to be scared away either ?

I try to let them know that this is more of an 'investment', that this will last for years as it's well built, you're paying for quality, etc, etc....but that's as far as i can come up with.

have any of you got any words of wisdom, to gently tell your visitors that they may be clicking on an item where the price tag is something that most of them might not expect?

Thanks for your thoughts

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    David Vallieres once said that he started making a lot more money when he realized that his readers weren't as broke as he was.

    There are three types of people that buy things. Those that buy cheap, those that buy expensive, and those that buy cheap by investing the extra money in quality products. According to your description you have two out of three so you're good.

    Bottomline action beats indecision every time. Post some articles and if they don't do well try something else. Like Thomas Edison said, at least you'll know what doesn't work.

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