WSO TRICK that worked on me (a little)

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I just saw a WSO with a thread title that started out with "1st BUMP". Since I know bumping WSOs is no longer allowed, I thought "What the #%$@?"

So I clicked on it to see if they started with an explanation of the bump proclomation. They didn't. I moved on. Hence the "(a little)" part of my thread title.
#internet marketing #trick #worked #wso
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    Lol - I had a similar experience with that one WSO titled "test". I knew it was just a mistake, but I was compelled to click and see what it was about. Curiosity is very powerful, I guess.
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      Actually Lance, even though we can't actually "bump" WSOs, we can repost
      them once they're off page 2. It would be nice if we could tell if the WSO
      was posted before. This may have been the posters way of letting you know

      Ever think of that?

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