is it stumbleupon,digg,reddit or delicious work?

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Ia is social network really can get huge visitor.

if it is work would you mine to give me the sample..

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    You can get lots of visitors, but the quality of traffic is questionable, especially if you're trying to sell something.
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      It works Very Good and in my opinion its the only way to go these days. Search engines love social bookmarking sites like digg, they also love squidoo, stumble upon and blogs.
      I have made it to the first page in google for 4 keyword phrases in under 1 week since learning how to use these methods.
      Look at my sig line to get more info on this.
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    This type of marketing can certainly be effective as part of a balanced marketing diet.

    The main issue includes getting your material enough thumbs-up's to get seen.

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      Somewhere I read the demographic of Digg is very very narrow...

      The reality is unless you are already a leader in you're niche (in which case you don't need the traffic) you are very unlikely to ever get dugg, stumbled upon or, er, delici-cized(?).
      I pledge to use Digg, Reddit, Delicious and the like as a shortcut to link building. The Digg community is a bunch of annoying little $*&^%*%$ but I will play the game until my sites all have TrustRank out the wazoo from dozens of successful link baits.
      Summary, they make great link bait, but the traffic you get off them does not convert very well. People click, and then bounce right off your homepage.

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