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Hi warriors,

I have been scarce around here the past few days due to a HEAVY writing schedule for a new line of products I'm creating using a system I've developed, but I digress....

One of the books I was writing was about product creation, and as I was writing this book, a thought came into my head about doing joint ventures with local businesses.

This then led to the thought of how to use this to approach them for their business, if you do any local IM servicing.

Basically, here's the skinny. Let's see you have a new chosen niche that you are going to start creating product for and promoting. Well one of the ways we create products is through JV's right?

So, when faced with a new niche, open up your yellow pages, and find a brick and mortar store in your back yard that sells items that complement whatever you are going to promote on your site. Tell them you have a website that services their market and would they mind a meeting with you to discuss their inventory/services, etc. Ask them for an interview where you can ask questions about their products and their customers, that you can record, audio, video, (have transcribed too,) and then if they have a site, tell them you will be sure you link to it and tell your customers about, that it will be mentioned in the video and the audio. And if he has a website, you'll be sure to link to it for him from your new niche site and offer to give him a free website analysis.

If he doesn't have a website, give him one.

Once you've built this relationship, now you can offer SEO services for his site, copywriting services for his site, traffic generation services for his site.. etc etc etc...

I am going back to finishing my books now, just wanted to share this tip while I was still thinking about it.

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    a technique similar to this works great for public domain works. Let's say you got a public domain work on fitness. Well, to add to the offer, to make it better, you could throw in a series of teleseminar interviews.

    To get those, just whip out your yellow page ads and find some personal trainers. Even better if you can shoot some videos with them. Total value enhancement for hardly any effort.

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    Sexy. I like it. My only question is wouldn't your customers be national as opposed to their customers being local. They may only get a few or none of your clients. I'd add that you educate them on the value of being an expert, and then offer to promote the interview in the local area. It will help you get more customers anyway and it will give them a clear benefit.
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      Jason, I had thought of that too. *wink. I just saved that part for the book... but I guess the cat's out of the bag now and I'll just have to take it out.

      giveusallfreedom, well, yes and no. Depending on what the niche is, there's always physical products and shipping. Wouldn't work for a furniture store, but then again, I wouldnt be selling couches over the Internet as a 'niche'.

      Think you can't do a JV with the local pizza parlor just cause he's local and the web is world wide? Think again. He could collaborate with you on pizza recipes and even maybe make a video of how to make homemade pizza pie... complete with dough twirling sequence.

      You just need to get a little creative to figure out how to take a local businesses business model and spin it for a world wide market.


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