How Do You Organize a Successful Seminar? Tips and Strategy is Needed for a Life Changing Impact!

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Please Warriors, I need your help. I want to organize a Seminar and I want it to be a good one.

Why do I want to do this? I want to make an impact in people's life. I want to make friends in the process and not enemies. Sure, a certain percentage of those that will attend the seminar may have been to other seminars, but I want mine to be the best. I want it to be a life changing effect, something people will really appreciate and be glad that they came. In One WORD-- I mean VALUE.

Yes, I want money too but if you read the beginning of my thread you will noticed that I didn't start with that and truely that is how it is within me. The money is not my number one priority.

Why? I have been with some couple of guys, who often appreciate how I tell them the truth,compared to what someone elso told them. Some call me to get advice before they involved in any venture and I don't hold anything back. There was a friend whom I also introduced into site flipping and after a couple months,he sold his first site on flippa.
Here is a text another guy sent to me after referred him to a post on warriorforum---> Perhaps u are d angel sent 2me. Am online now and what my eyes are beholding is incredible. Talk about the sincererity...

That's how I have been doing this and now I want to do it in a larger capacity.

Help me change lives!
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    Hello warriors, I don't know why anyone is not responding. Does this mean that no one here has ever organized an internet marketing seminar?

    I really need some feed back to this and I will really appreciate the response. Thank You.
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    Hello warriors, I don't know why anyone is not responding. Does this mean that no one here has ever organized an internet marketing seminar?

    I really need some feed back to this and I will really appreciate the response. Thank You.
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    I am interested in hearing from people on this topic as well

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      I've done a few free teleseminars to build my list, but I've never done a paid full out teaching seminar online. There are quite a few coaches that do weekend intensives or bootcamps. I've participated in groups that have an online forum using ning and a phone line that can record the calls. Usually, the teacher has the calls transcribed and posted on the forum for easy access, in case you miss the class.

      You would plan out your curriculum, where you would have time to teach, time to have the participants do some work and time for celebrations and questions from the participants. Take a look at Donna Kozik from or Matthew Goldfarb at

      You can also do a 3 or 4 hour seminar divided into 3 or 4 days and offer additional one-on-one support if the participant needs it. Or you can make a series of 5-7 videos teaching what you'd like to teach along with an ebook and you can offer additinal one on one or group work if people need it.

      How much time will be needed to teach your curriculum?
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    thank you for the feedback. it is highly appreciated. And I will implement your contribution. i actually have a lot of time for this and would love to give it the best shot that i have got.
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    I think the easiest way is to forget it's a seminar. Act more like you're talking to just one person, and trying to teach them everything they need to know about XYZ subject. From there, I'd start with a course outline. A list of what you want to cover. Think of it like a "Table of Contents" you can go in and populate with information. Then you've just got to present it.

    With that said, take my advice with a grain of salt because I've only done some online video-based mini-seminars. Never a full scale event with tons of people.
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    It starts with what have you done that was so amazing that other people would want to learn from you?

    Same as always they want to know what is in it for them?
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    Just remember You Tube can be you friend sometimes


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