Well, who knows?

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Seriously...I can't test?

Sorry guys.

the other thread escaped me.

I was testing to see if I can change the thread title
(don't see how.)

Nor, in fact, do I see how to delete the thread/post.


0320 pacific time edit.
Nope, I can't delete this post at this time. Wonder if that's a function of having had replies or not.

Oh well. Dang. This new forum is keeping me up all hours of the night.

I need to get some sleep.
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    If you mean changing the title of the thread. You just put a yellow sticky note over it on your monitor lol.

    When you edit the first post is the title grayed out or something?
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      Have you tried...

      Click EDIT then

      Click "GO ADVANCED" - you have more options to edit things there.

      Sorry if that is not what you mean.

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    The problem is, the title changes in the thread itself, but not in the listings on the forum page!

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