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I have no experience, when it comes to article marketing.

So, let´s say I have written 10 unique top notch articles. Can I submit them to as many directories as possible without rewriting them?

Or will I have to rewrite them to not get google slapped?

In my opinion google should not matter to me, as I want to have the clickthroughs from the article readers.

Any suggestion about mass submitting?

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    A good rule of thumb would be to submit to the most popular article directory first such as EZA and then wait a bit after Google indexes the articles and submit to a few other top directories.

    Its a big controversy that you will hear over and over about duplicate content from your articles all over the Internet.

    But if you think about this logically what do you think rss and news feeds are all about?

    RSS feeds blast articles all day long in any niche you can think of and yet you will see that most serious portal authority sites with high page rank will have dup content all over the web and still maintain without getting B*tch slapped by Google.

    Frank Bruno
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      Hi Martin,

      I would say that quality is definitely better that quantity especially if you are just going after clicks from the articles themselves.

      However, making a few changes in your articles title, intro, sentence structure, and resource box will help you get more of your back links indexed by Google. More back links means your website will rank higher whatever keywords you are going after.

      So I guess it just really depends on what you want your articles to do for you. I know that some articles just aren't the same when they are changed up.


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