.Com, .Net, .Org.? Whats the Major difference?

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What is the Major difference between . Com, .Net, .Org? I think one is capable of holding entirely more extreme info. than the other...i dont know..Does anyone know "exactly" what the difference is between these three?? or is it 4 or 5?

Thank you like - minded people!!!!!
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    There's a wide number of TLDs available. Others include .Biz, .Edu, .Gov, .Info, .US, etc.

    .Com was originally just for commercial sites. .Net was for network providers and .Org was for non-profit organizations. .Edu was (and still is) strictly for educational facilities. And, .Gov was (and still is) strictly for government and government agencies.

    .Biz was added when .Com started getting "full."

    Anymore, there is really very little difference among the TLDs. .Edu and .Gov are still restricted, and you'll come across others that have some restrictions. .Mobi is supposed to be somewhat restrictive.

    But, for the most part, you can use any TLD you want. .Com is, of course, preferable as that is what people think of first. If they remember your name, but forget the extension, by habit they will use .Com over any of the others.
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    It's just an extention (a name) that you decide when you purchase your domain name. The most common is the .com extension. No other difference. They can all host the same site.

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