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I am subscribed to a site called Cool Site of the Day and every now and again a site comes through that I feel is worth sharing. Here is todays one:

and for those of you who might have missed my post of a few weeks ago this site is great too

You can submit your site/s to cool site of the day and if you are fortunate you may be picked to feature as, you guessed it! 'Cool Site Of The Day'. It's free to join and is just another way to promote your site/s and no I am not an affiliate or owner or anything like that, I just want to share

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    This internet community is still overwhelming to me!! Cool site of the day? Do they even have an affiliate program attached to this site?
    • Profile picture of the author xmx
      Wow, they passed years since I visited cool site of the day
      last time.

      I noticed they added the word of the day, article of the day
      and others since last time.
      That provides more fresh content each day to the main page.



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