TV ad for Replica of .9999 Pure Gold Coin, Maserpiece of Deception

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Last night I saw again the commercial that opens up detailing a historical coin that was .9999 Pure 24k Gold, that had to be stopped due to lack of supply of quality gold blanks, the commercial then proceeds to sell a copy that's anything but pure, in short they say:

Certified Replica of .9999 Pure Gold Coin, clad in 14 mg of 24k Gold, limit 5 per customer $9.95 + $4.95 s&h

You can hear their commercial on the sales page:
$50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof

I had to review numbers, even with the value of gold "Rocketing past $1300" actually reaching $1845, the actual VALUE of the 14 mg of GOLD IS $0.83

Here's a fun gold collector's April 1st write up on it.
Shortages of 2011 Buffalo Gold Proofs Reported -
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    Yes - unfortunately people seem to have no clue about the actual value of precious metals and get suckered all the time by either 1) paying way too much for it 2) selling it for way less than it's worth 3) being suckered into the 'numismatic' (collectible) value.

    People are lining up all day to join MLM programs where you get free coins if you convince others to pay $125 for their coins (which are actually only worth $40).

    What can you do?

    nothing to see here.

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      I love that ad in a sort of cynical way - it's a really good example of everything in the ad being completely true but the sum of the whole thing is incredibly misleading. I'm astonished that FTC hasn't found some way to nail them for it.

      I suspect it may have been written by Satan himself.
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