Article Marketers - Do you go back and edit published articles?

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If you have articles that did not make it to the first page(s) on Google and you've only got 4-5K competition and large search volume, do you go back and make changes to that article kw density to try and boost it's rating?

I use EA 90% of time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
    Personally, I don't anymore.

    I did it a couple of times, but noticed that my rank actually dropped after modifying the article.

    If the competition is that low and the keyword is worth having, a good idea
    might be to build some links to the article or even pay an experienced writer
    to SEO the hell out of an article for you to see if you can achieve the ranking.
    • Profile picture of the author Peggy Baron
      Nope. Unless I see a HUGE glaring error that kills me to leave there.

      I feel my time is better spent keeping on creating articles.


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