Jason Moffat’s Strategy for Getting Attention, Building a List, and Banking the Dough

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So, raise your hand if you saw Moffat’s video from Frank Kern’s event. He was all decked out in the Mexican outfit, drinking beer, and trying to remember what he was talking about on stage. If he wasn’t so successful he’d be an embarrassment right?

Yeah, maybe not.

Jason Moffat has something that a lot of wannabe marketers are missing. In fact it’s something that people in general are missing.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately that can best be described as a$$h0l3 literature. Basically, they are books written by 20 something guys talking about all the stupid things they’ve done. This doesn’t sound like it would be interesting in the least but the books have a rabid following. Why? These guys have the same thing that Jason has, and I’m not talking about a bad hang over from the kegger the night before.


I’m not kidding. These guys have personalities that fill up the whole room. Hell, they fill up a freaking airplane hangar. Their personalities are huge and that attracts people.

And I’m not talking about putting on stunts or acting like a clown just to get attention. That kind of thing is fake, and people pick up on it. These guys are authentically interesting. You want to know them.

Most people hide a lot of their personality. It’s just social norms. We don’t let out our real personality out until we really get to know someone. On the internet, however you have to do the complete opposite. You have to not just let your personality out, you need to emphasize it. Throw it out there where everyone can see it.

I recently started doing this on the WF a little bit to test it out and got some interesting reactions. Check out this post…


Read the comments of that post. The first one Darren was really mad at me. That’s not necessarily a good reaction, but you can’t make everyone happy all the time. But at least he had a reaction to it.

However, if you scroll down farther you find two really cool replies by Jeffrey and Virtualpro. Both of them had actually been following other posts of mine. Why? I don’t have a reputation on the WF yet. They have never met me before. The only reason was because my other posts had attitude. They were the kind of posts that you say, who is this guy?

Now, I’m not claiming that I bat 1000 every time. A lot of the stuff I put up nobody pays attention to, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that when somebody reads something I post they remember who I am. That’s the difference between being Jason Moffat and Joe Marketer that nobody knows your name.

Of course my style isn’t the only style in town. Look at annoyedgirl or Big Mike or Steve Wagenheim. They all have personalities that come out clearly. They’re interesting. You want to know them.

You can be whoever you are just really be that person. Bring out your personality and it will make a big difference not just here on the forum, but in you’re marketing as well. Perry Marshall and David Vallieres are two more good examples. These guys have big online businesses and when you read their content you know who they are.

OK I’ll shut up now. You get the idea.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jose Delgado
    Man! What about how Jason build the list and Banks the "Dough"!

    You just talked about how J-Mo is Drunk all the time!

    • Profile picture of the author Jose Delgado
      By the way, I was kidding.

      I totally agree with your post.
    • Profile picture of the author giveusallfreedom
      LOL Jose yeah I think that's all there is to it. I mean he gets drunks, records a video message, and makes a killing. Did I miss something?

      Seriously though I can probably compare everything that Jason has done to another marketer that has done the same things and hasn't had 1/10th of Jason's success. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the kegger hangover is the missing ingredient.
  • Profile picture of the author lindajess
    Personally, I think that guys with personality are better than the ones that sit there and drone on and on in the same boring tone of voice.

    These guys with personality are great! The go off on tangents and get side-tracked...I love that! They are the guys that sell a lot of stuff! It's because they have a personality that they sell and because they are enthusiastic about what they are selling.

    Does that make sense?
    • Profile picture of the author Jose Delgado
      Does that make sense?
      No but I totally agree!
    • Profile picture of the author cylwac
      I'm totally on board with everyone here.
      It's hard to tell what kind of personality someone has through typing.

      People that actually let their personality shine through are generally more liked.

      Video is a great way to do this. If your boring and have a monotone voice no ones going to be able to sit through your video, if you're likable and entertaining people will eat you up.

      I haven't ventured into video yet but plan to in the future, it's a great free way to get yourself out there.
      LOVE IT!

      By the way Keith, I'm pretty sure midgets are referred to as "little people", get it right man.....LOL



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