WSO speed?

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Is it my imagination or are there more WSOs than ever being posted (which drives them off page 1 and 2 quicker)?

Wow, I posted a WSO on Friday afternoon and it's half way down page 3 now on Monday afternoon!

I wonder how must faster it would have happened if it wasn't the weekend.

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    It's not your imagination. They fall FAST now, probably because there's no pre-approval required, and a lot more WSO's being posted now.
  • Profile picture of the author Chaiwriter
    Yeah, it is moving super-fast. I could almost watch my WSO fall by the minute.

    I don't know that the people posting the WSOs are doing as well as they used to. I would suspect that they aren't and that will probably lead to a slow down in WSOs within a couple months.

    At least I can hope it will...


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