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I am looking for information in any form (video, ebook, paper books, etc.) on creating an (online) business. I am not into specifics here on internet marketing. Rather I'd like to learn about the priciples, the fundamentals of starting and running a successful business online.

So, I am not interested in how to set up an auto responder or an adwords campaign, but more like general information that can be applied to any kind of internet business.

For example, I really liked the Warrior Manifesto as it contains basic information on running a successful business. I also enjoyed Reese's videos on his blog that deal with the right mindset and some principles.
This is the stuff I am after.

There are a number of books on online biz on too, but I don't know if they're any good or not.

So if you can recommend me any ebook, real book or video on this kind of general information I'd really appreciate it.
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