Is Pat Flynn From Smart Passive Income Wrong?

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Yesterday I received an email from Pat of smartpassiveincome titled "This is how Social Proof Made Me over $3000 in 3 days"

Now, I am not trying to rant here. This post is just to show that I disagree with what he has to say and would like your opinion as well.

I will not republish the entire email here as he has mentioned that it's for his newsletter subscribers only. So, I need to honour that.

The basic idea is to get something to promote as an affiliate and get the product creator to give one or two products for free on your site. He also recommend buying additional copy if you cannot get the product creator to give away his product.

The trick is to host it as a contest so that people interested to "win" the product says how they will make use of it and how it might help them to get their job done. Mind you, the link shoudl be an affiliate one.

Now, I dont disagree with this idea. It sounds great.

The reasoning fails when he says the following

When people leave their comments (there were almost 300 comments on that post), everyone else sees what everyone is saying about that product. That's promotional material - not from you but from other people, which is much more powerful. That's social proof at it's finest right there.
That's quoted directly from the email.

However, my questions is

How is this a social proof?

People are not giving you their ACTUAL experience. They are saying how it MIGHT help them. These people have no more knowledge about the merit of the product other than reading reviews or visiting a sales page.

So, that counts as social proof? Proof of what?

Pat sends great emails and I was actually shocked with such a silly reasoning in this mail. It's plain simple. People checked out the sales page due to the exposure of the contest and since the copywriter did a good job, a few people got hooked. They bought probably because they did not win the contest or did not think they had a chance.

Another thing I would like to mention to Pat is that you shoudlnt leave such large whitespace in your emails. Especially towards the end of the email near the unsubscribe link (You use 2 huge white space). That's an age old trick for making people stick to your email list. If somebody wants to leave your list, let them do it easily!!!

What do you think?

Is persuation using contests as Pat mentions worth pursuing? Is his reasoning sound?
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    Originally Posted by smallbusinessguy View Post

    How is this a social proof?
    In your example, the social proof is having hundreds of people just like you who are clamouring to get their hands on the product. They don't need to have already bought it - the fact that so many of your peer group want it sends a powerful message to potential buyers that this is one hot item they should also be interested in.

    This sort of stoking of demand is a standard component of most pre-launch hype.

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    Pat Flynn makes like $40k a month. He knows what he is talking about and usually doesn't talk about a subject unless he is educated on it. I always read his stuff because he speaks the truth and isn't trying to sell something directly. He suggests products but never says you NEED it.
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    I would still call it social proof, I would just argue of it's impact on sales.

    Effective social proof that would drive sales is 1000 product reviews from existing customers. Not sure if 1000 blog comments would have the same effect.

    But still....300 comments at least show people are interested.

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