Does Anyone Use an Amazon Kindle and What Do You Use It For?

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One of my friends got one of these as a contest prize. He's not Internet savvy and I guess he doesn't read alot either!

He offered it to me for a decent price, but being that I don't have a lot of money I'm wondering if it's worth it.

I've done some reading and I like the capabilities and having a book/ebook always handy would be nice, but I could see spending a lot for new books as time went on.

Can I download e-books to it so I can learn more about IM while I'm waiting at the dentist/doctors office?

Thanks or the help,
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    I am anxious to hear the answer to this too. I've been reading a lot about the Kindle lately and the comments all seem positive. It seems as though you can read ebooks and newspapers on it, as well as books. I love to read and am a gadget junkie so if it wasn't so expensive I would jump on it. Waiting to see if anyone on the forum uses one.
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      I've done some research on the old forum since I posted this and found some people that liked it...just curious if they still think it's useful.

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