Hey Im new here and lost

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I just got a website.

Called www.getfishing.net

I have been racking my brain and spening several days and night tyring to advertise it and it just isnt working.

I did just make a youtube video..which should actually make some of you laugh...But I am lost and need a lot of help.

I have a brand new site..so like no traffic and I need advice opinions and any help.
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    Hi Jdub,

    All the information you need to get started is a forum search away. There are tons of traffic tips shared here on a regular basis. Use the search function to look for "traffic" or "more traffic" and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Well, get a subscription to Article Marketer and write some articles per day. Remember to include your site url in the article.
  • Profile picture of the author Neil S
    Hah, well it looks like your off to a blazing start already
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      As what Michael mentioned, there are many traffic related threads in the forum. Go spend some time to search for them.


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