DO NOT view this thread. I'm serious.

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unless you have three minutes to waste.

Late last night I was recording a video about Business Branding to give to my list - but I forgot one thing. A plan. Watch me stuff it up at the end.

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    Great reverse psychology with the post title., the message was useful but the ending was rather juvenile and sophmoric.
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    You are a funny guy Heath.

    And Nobody is supposed to be watching your video (per your title)!

    P.S. You missed a few "ya know"s

  • Profile picture of the author Beau
    You know... it makes me proud to be an Aussie Heath!!!!

    Well... with my video I actually memorized the script...
  • Profile picture of the author Josh Fulfer
    That was awesome man. LOL
    I cant count how many times I've wanted to do that at the end of a video.
    Very funny.
  • Profile picture of the author BeeJay

    Sophmoric or not, I enjoyed it!

    You missed your calling dude...when's your beat-box album hitting the shelves?

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