Question About Adding Videos To Web Pages

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Hello all.
I have videos that I want to add to web pages.

I would like to have between 6 and 10 videos per page.
Size range at about 650x480 pix.
Approx 10 to 12 minutes on average.

As most people will have slower and smaller computers, will
having this many videos on one page cause there computers
to take forever to load the web page?

I will more than likely be using flash video files.

Thanks for any ideas.
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    I would definitely say that having more than two videos on a page would be download overload. Is it a series type of video? Different categories for different pages?

    It would take a long time even on my DSL connection to download that many videos.

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    I have a dating directory with 5 videos but they are lower down on the page
    so the upper part of the page loads people read that and then descend farther down the page as the other videos load. Hasn't been a problem. I should do a load time.
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    you will be OK... because those embedded videos have only picture representation.. until the user click "PLAY" your customer only download the image.. why not host your video on Youtube and them embedded it on your webpage

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