can i change my primary email in my google account

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not sure where to post this and cant get an answer from google etc and a lot of people seemed to have the same problem.

when i built my old site last year, i set up a google account and adsense etc but it was with my email address for my old site.
this old email address is the log in for my account.
ive even removed my old site in my account as its not around anymore.

im setting up a new site and i want to change this primary email address(my old one)
for a new gmail address which is for my new site.
there is no place to change this, its just an add new address section.

how do i get by this to set it up for my new site.

any help would be great but i cant find the answer anywhere.

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    I think the solution to your problem is first to add the new email account. Once it has been verified, you go back into your google profile and change the new email address to the primary address. I did it a while ago and it worked. Then you can delete the old one.

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      there is no place to change the primary address.

      in my profile under email addresses i have my old one(primary) and my new one which i verified.

      there is an edit button underneath but there is no where to delete my old one. i'm normally ok with things like this but its got me baffled.
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    Yes, you will have to create a new account for new email address.

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