Facebook groups?

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Good for IM?
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    U want to be more specific in your question?

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    Any legitimate method of delivering your message to a potential consumer is good for Internet Marketing.

    The other beauty about FB Groups is that your members have voluntarily opted into your group because they are sincerely interested in your group's topic or niche.

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      I know many groups are formed to keep like-minded people together.

      I have a friend who joins a facebook group, become an authority member and make friends with the admin, promote an affiliate link (CPA program) at the end of 6 months and make US$14,000 in a week.

      Many have also made money from the applications in facebook.

      And not forgetting the ad swap and JV groups, I did a couple of swaps and JV and we all made money. =)

      My 2 cents,

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