Can You Make A Full Time Living On Clickbank

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I've been trying now for 3 years and made 79 dollars on clickbank, Is there any warriors who do make a living off clickbank????
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    Yeah a ton of people make a living off of it.

    The issue isn't with clickbank, it's with your sites/planning/traffic etc.
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    I struggled for a long time as well my friend. I make a little bit from clickbank. But the best move would NOT to just make a living with CB because they have control over your "stuff." If for someone reason they decide to put a freeze on your account or your check etc, then your income is gone down the drain. Best to work on creating your own product or service.

    Its a lot easier than you think. And unless you decide to pull your product down yourself, it will always bring you money. think long term. cheers and beers
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    You should have many different smaller sources of income, instead of only one.It is the same as having a day job, you can lose it just like that.I visited your blogs and noticed you are trying to sell Clickbank products directly from your blog, that is a difficult strategy.

    I recommend you build up the traffic to your blogs, add more unique content and start a newsletter with closely related information (there are lots of PLR articles online you can get for cheap).When people sign up for your list you can recommend related Clickbank products to them.

    I would also consider redesigning your blogs a bit, to make them look more professional.
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    Yes a small amount of people make a lot of money with. Yes you could too. No you probably shouldn't keep trying.

    If you want to learn find the top earners on clickbank and copy the crap out of everything they do, sign up for their lists, read their copy, analyse it. You will learn a ton from it even if you don't end up wanting to keep pursuing clickbank.
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    It's possible but it is certainly not probable. Adsense has worked far better for me. That's just me though.
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    I doubt you will get many responses here from successful CB people as the WF forums seem more small timers. Common sense says that affiliates will never disclose what is making them hordes of cash.

    I've done a >7 figures on CB+more and I have affiliates who do 4 figures/month easy. It is definitely possible. In fact, it is really easy once you know what to do.

    I am a CB Vendor, so I have no problem telling affiliates what to do to make hordes of cash since I don't compete with them, and since more affiliates = more cash for me.

    • Find a niche that is widespread and has a history of spending money
    • Educate yourself with that niche - completely
    • Pair that with a product on Clickbank that is high quality and makes sense
    • Create a content site, not a spam crap site that so many people have, and promote that product
    • Build a community and direct people to that content site. The larger your community, the more Google will rank it, the more likely you are to become an "authority" site, and the more viral your growth and respect will be
    • ???
    • Profit!
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    It is very possible. What I would recommend is doing a mix of affiliate marketing, and selling your own products. Never stick to only 1 product, and use more than just Clickbank. For example, I used to sell physical products as an affiliate on MoreNiche, while also selling info products on Clickbank and a similar service.
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    Originally Posted by NewbieAff View Post

    I've been trying now for 3 years and made 79 dollars on clickbank, Is there any warriors who do make a living off clickbank????
    Yes I make a full time living from Clickbank.

    What have you actually done in 3 years though?

    How many sites and products have you tried?

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    I had wasted a year and quite a bit of money of crappy horrible websites and had little idea what I was doing.

    I found the warrior forum and I found a memeber called rosetrees on it. She has great rates and can help you build a really cool looking site, once you have that fill it with great content and learn about seo..... thats what I have learnt here so far.
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    The easiest way to make money with Clickbank, and even a full time living would be to setup a squeeze page with a free giveaway and then buy a couple solo ads to fuel the traffic. You just need to keep your marketing EXTREMELY CONGRUENT.

    Lemme give you an example...

    Lets say you setup a squeeze page giving away a free ebook talking about SEO. You would buy a solo ad from a cool guy like Anthony Tilley and send some traffic there.

    (i would recommend at least the 250 click package)

    Then in your email follow up sequence, add in a few recommendations for advanced SEO courses. This is were you, of course, add in your affiliate links so that when someone does buy, you get a commission.

    If you play with it a bit, you can get this kind of basic marketing funnel converting REALLY well. Once it converts for you, and shows that its profitable, all you need to do is feed it traffic and you will continue to make money almost on autopilot.

    If it does really well, you could even take it on FB PPC. Just remember, all your traffic is going to the squeeze page, building you a list, and making you sales on the backend.


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