HELP HELP Someone HACK my Skype Account Recharged with Paypal...

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Ok here's the story guys just came home and tried to login to skype
didn't get in, I notice in my paypal account I had a couple recharged
emails which was weird because I wasn't home and I don't have the
recharged setup...

Now I can't get in to my skype account and I just managed to cancel
the subscription in paypal...

Anyone every had that happened your skype being hacked?

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    This is crazy people like us that use skype for personal and business
    it is frightening it's so easy to take control over your account and the
    worst part is skype is dragging they tail on it...

    Can anyone help me with this plz. - Skype Community

    hacked skype - Skype Community

    stolen password - Skype Community

    Another Hacked Account! - Skype Community

    Nearly all these haven't been fix yet and as you guys can see
    it takes skype a helluva long time to sort shit out...

    Check your account today guys...

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    Did you maybe go to an internet cafe and leave it logged in by mistake?
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    Yeah! you're right. Skype should sort it out. But have you tried to change your password in skype. Maybe, it can do the trick. I have my skype account and so far,I didn't experience problem.
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    Had this happen to me middle of last year sometime. They took me for about $150.

    Contacted what Skype calls support, and never even heard back from them.

    Opened a dispute on PayPal... Well, as eBay owns Skype and PayPal, guess what happened..... ;-) You guessed it, NOTHING. The dispute was closed with something like it's your own fault.

    I allready had a second Skype account. I just made SURE the PayPal connection was cancelled, and now just use that.

    Never got the money or the old account back.

    eBay/Skype/PayPal is turning into another nightmare monolpoly that does whatever the hell they want, and gets away with it. JOY!
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    Wow, that's some scary stuff - sorry it happened to you! Thanks for alerting us to this.

    I'll be changing my password today, but it looks like something is wrong on Skype's end.
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    I couldn't even file a complaint about the transaction paypal system
    just would let me do it for some damm reason...

    So I sent an email to the and today someone emailed
    me about the issue so it seems they are working on it...

    It is a security issue on there end that is the cause because once
    I turn subscription the auto charged stop...

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    Gizmo project is another great tool and from my test a lot better sound
    quality than skype but they don't use paypal...It seems paypal cut them
    off because they were competing with skype which ebay owns...

    Seriously think to start using them again can't even remember why I stop...ohh yeah it's because I couldn't add callout
    they coun't use paypal anymore dammit...

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    David, Don't mean to hijack the thread, (I will move it to a new thread if you prefer) but the alternative list is growing.

    Gizmo5 - Make free internet calls from your mobile phone and computer - Home

    Gmail chat
    Gmail voice and video chat

    Here's a possible 3rd:
    Google talk (pc to pc voice)
    Google Talk - Chat online and make free internet calls

    This helps me a lot. Hope its helpful to others. I'd love to hear about more.

    Thanks, David, for empowering this consumer (and producer) to stop takin' it lying down, so to speak. Rather than spending another 48 hours being frustrated, waiting for Skype to get back to me, I am excited about testing 3 other possible alternatives!-CP
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    About a month ago, a hacker charged my paypal account over 300 euros and the billing had been to "Skype". I didn't even have a skype account at the time so obviously it was bogus. The hackers were spoofing the email as skype and hit my account (im assuming its paypal's problem on their backend as I never click on anything in email and am top notch about phishing crap). Long story short, the account was compromised and I was credited back the stolen funds.

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