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after reading this reply in another thread

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Selling all his stuff probably isn't the wisest move either because next month he's going to face the same type of problems.

The mortgage payment doesn't stop. Nor do the other bills.

I'd suggest he get some real skills and hone his craft. Let the house foreclose, move into a cheap apartment, and plug away until he's got it down. If that don't work, get a real job.

My point is, he got to this point for a reason. And even if he did get $10,000 all of the sudden, more then likely he'd be in the same scenario 3 months from now.

I'd be focusing on how to build some sustainable skills, not just getting a quick 10 G's.

However, if I were just trying to get a quick sum like that, I'd probably try to partner up with someone wealthy and make them a offer they couldn't possibly refuse and work my ass off for them.

I'd construct an amazing letter and pass that thing out to about 30 successful entrepreneurs offering my services for a fraction of the cost over a long period of time.

I wanted to reply in the original thread, but his message was passed over and I didnt want to reply to his post in that thread and mess it up..

Not that Ive read all or a lot of J-Mo's posts, I see he's got over 2k..

this one above truly shows he knows his stuff...

no marketing fluff..

honest to goodness information that, generally people do not want to hear.

Well said mate..

One of the best lessons I learn't going back a while now, was going bankrupt... you DO either learn or drown, I was one of the lucky ones who got the lessons that were thrown in my and my wife's face. I can tell you at the time it was not pretty.

Though have since never looked back.
now. no debt, (apart from investments) tons of properties, successful businesses, incredible family who gets to enjoy the fruits of this.

Some times you got to hit rock bottom, before you can get the lessons..

So many people sit just above it, to scared to get it. and suffer mediocrity as a result..

The point of this post is..

Sometimes you need to get the lessons yourself and not rely on others to get you out of the mess. Then all youve learnt is to get help. not the lesson that got you in the mess in the first place.

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    This point is close to my heart, as it pains me when customers come to me, wanting a quick way to make cash because of XYZ

    Unfortunately there is no quick answer that they are looking for.

    Often its not about the money. More money in a bad situation just creates a bigger bad situation if the foundation is not set.

    One guy I employed was like this. He came to my company on a bigger salary package than he'd ever been on before.. He thought it was fantastic.. but every six months he'd come to me requesting a raise.. In simple terms, the more money he got, the more in debt he got into. Over and Over... I could see it clearly. You could pay this guy $1 Million per year and he would still be in debt.

    Thus its not about the money. Its about You. and your ability to manage it.

    Me? took me big lessons to learn the Value of a Buck.. Why do you think all or most Rich People are Tight Asses? because they get it about the value.... doesnt mean they do not spread it around with others. but they can share because they put value on a buck


    I'll shut up now..

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      How's this for a lesson? Don't get into financial trouble..? Easier said than done of course but in a lot of cases it is the person's own fault.
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      What's up with all the kick ass J-Mo threads?

      Where do I send the checks?

      One thing I noticed in that thread was the guy had lived in the house his entire life. Once I thought about that, my thinking shifted a wee bit.

      That house may have history. His father may have built it. There are probably memories that only could be relived by drinking brewski's on the back porch. Obviously I'm speculating, but a house the you grew up in is worth much more then the sticker price.

      And while I still stick by the advice I gave for most occasions, I don't want anyone to think that I'm opposed to coming up with a quick scheme to get the dude out of his situation.

      The problems is...

      Even with that perfect scheme (I love that word scheme, it just sounds cool), most people just can't execute. That's why they work in book stores, like that dude. They can be brilliant, artistic, and smarter then the average Joe, but for some reason just can't pull the trigger and get the job done in the real sales world.

      And there's nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, nor wants to be.

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