good background music for videos?

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So I am trying to use camtasia for recording my web development and would like to use some background music. Not elevator music, but the kind that is just friendly and non obtrusive.

any particular suggestions?

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    Two words - Ginny Culp!

    Search her name in the WSO forum, You'll love it. WF ID = virginia_culp

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    This is the best website that I have found for free royalty free music. This site has thousands of royalty free music tracks that you can use and not have to pay anything for it. You can use their website to browse by genre like piano music, rock, techno, instrumental, etc. If you use the advanced search option you will find that you can search by music that you can use for commercial purposes. It is amazing because it doesn't cost you anything and you get thousands of qaulity music tracks to choose from.
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    thanks all.
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    Jamendo requires payment for commercial use. If you're using music from their site for commercial purposes without paying, you may run into some trouble.
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    what if I am just listening to regular music as a part of my normal everyday playlist while making a video, but its not intentional for being a part of the video?
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    Digital Juice has a sale going right now:

    StackTraxx Layered Music Libraries by Digital Juice

    You'll year digital juice tracks in TV, Documentaries, Ads all the time.

    DJ is a major source in the industry for low cost materials with liberal licensing.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the amazing offer! Great tracks.

    I will use this in my video production. My clients won't know what hit them... All I can say is that this is a BadAss offer!!!
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    Will check out Jamendo for sure as some of their material provided is royalty free for web videos and some flash videos. Always best to seek out royalty free for such purposes, you can google and find some great stuff for free also! Thank you! :-)
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    A great suggestion from countonuspr, I have gotten free "elevator music" by googling royalty free music before and used in a training video I have used previously, it fit the bill quite nicely! My son has just introduced me to using the garageband tool on our mac to make royalty free music also, although I'm still getting the grips with it!
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    A CC License does NOT mean OK to use for anything. There are different levels of CC licenses. For example 3.0 means NO commercial use and personal use WITH attribution ONLY. Sometime various artists or tracks may include less restrictions, but CC was only created to allow for licenses less restrictive than 'Copyright'. Some CC licenses are just as strict. Some are not.
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    Kevin just give him credit. Google him.
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    Try Audio Jungle

    Tons of music files made for videos - and they're cheap too.
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    I've used Yopo Music Royalty Free Production Music Library | UK's NON-MCPS Music Library | DOWNLOAD NOW or NEXT DAY CD for many years now and have always been happy with the results.
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    I completely agree with the recommendation for Ginny Culp. Here's one link. She's got a great, inexpensive package of audio available here and it's for a good cause -- helping her parents out of a dire situation.

    Get your audio for a low price, and help a fellow Warrior who needs it. Win-win.

    Edit: I just noticed that this thread was started a long time ago.
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    Thanks for the great info in this thread. Its exactly what I have been looking for.
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    Try kevin macleod at

    you can use it for anything at all in return for a credit (on video or just in text on page), if you can't give a credit you can pay a small fee.
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    Just stumbled across this thread and thought id ad this link for reference.
    Instant Background Music. Background Music Download Royalty Free Instrumental Songs For Multimedia Productions
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    kevin macleod at and were so good and attracting you should try these ones.
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    Might have already been mentioned?

    Youtube has a bunch of free background music, when you go to edit the videos audio online.

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