I Just Do Not Know Anymore..

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Hey everyone,

I have been away from the "make money at home" scene for quite some time. I recently "started" an online store where people can buy auto detailing supplies. After some thinking, I really dont know if that is what I want to do at all.

The problem I have having is that I have no idea how to make money online. I mean I might know how I just don't know which way I want to make it. I have had ten websites up and running and then just pulled down because I wanted to start something different. I cannot, for the life of me, start something and stay on track and because of changing routes of making money I end up making none, zilch, nada.

I don't know if it has to do with motivation or what, but it is really starting to get annoying. I have been doing this for a little over a year and a half now. Just pissing away time and thus losing yet another oppurtunity of making money. I hate writing. Maybe this is my problem I do not know. Like I said earlier, I have been gone for awhile. So I am at a lost of any new tricks, tips or anything else that has occured in the past year.

Can someone give me an idea that doesn't involve writing article or is it just impossible to not do and get results online? Also, what keeps you guys motivated?

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    Hi max..

    theres nothing better for motivation than acutal results from your work..

    Ive Pm'd you my Badass Report.

    a LOT of people have purchased this report and a LOT of people have become very successful after implementing its strategies..

    I suggest you read it, print it. .then take action. You just need to make a start and do not finnish till its completed.. and you WILL get Results...

    This should push you in the right direction


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      ^disregard my PM I sent you I did not see this post.

      Thank you so much for your kindness, I really appreciate it.

      I really do hope that it takes me in the right direction. I haven't been feeling the best lately as far as online marketing is concerned.

      Once again, thank you for your gift. I will be sure to read it and try it out.
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    Originally Posted by Max Whitson View Post

    what keeps you guys motivated?

    For me, personally, it is not necessarily about what I do to make the money, but what making the money enables me to do.

    Working for myself, with my online and offline ventures, enables me to spend more time doing what I want to do than I would get doing a JOB. It also enables greater flexibility.

    You only get one life, so think about what you actually want to do with it.

    Once you have worked that out, you can see if there is anything there that you can monetise or, if that is not an option, look for a business that fits in around your other goals.

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