Do I need permission to use images of famous people

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Hello fellow warriors,

is anyone ofay with the legal side of using images of famous people E.g. Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie etc...
The web is literally plastered with pictures and the majority combined with the intention to make some cash.

Do images on the google search engine have restrictions?

I'd like to start a project which manipulates images but where is the limit. Naturally I'm not talking of any hard core or offending stuff.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    All pictures are subject to normal copyright restriction including those in Google's image search. If you use an image without the appropriate rights, you could end up in legal trouble.

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    As Will said they are subject to copyright restriction, or well most of them. You should use royalty free pictures, to be safe.
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    1. Celebrity images are treated as trademarks worldwide.

    2. All human beings in the United States are endowed with "natural trademark rights" in their own likeness and identity.

    3. Don't ask for legal advice on forums. The above facts should help you answer your own question. If those facts are insufficient, consult an attorney.
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    do not just save from google search. Go to actual website and then save it for your own use.
    For example if you reach a photographers website in this situation those images will have copyrights and you are not allowed to use them.

    A little research can save you from big trouble in the end

    I hope this helps
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    I used to be active in the visual arts world and this question came up all the time. Artists always want to use pictures of celebrities in their paintings or sculptures.

    A friend of mine did actually get sued for this and she explained the rule this way to me; (After she lost.)

    If it's a person who makes a living off their image, like a movie star, TV star or music star than they can and do have the right to sue you. (That's where she made her mistake.) The same is true is it's a TV/movie character.

    However if it's someone who is just famous and is not in the entertainment industry, like a politician, then you can use their image all you want.

    They make their money on their deeds, not their image, so unless you're saying slanderous things about them, using their image doesn't actually hurt their ability to make a living.

    That's why it's different from the entertainment industry. People pay a lot of money to use the images of entertainment celebrities. This is how they earn their living. It's called 'licensing'.

    While many won't sue you, they all have a right too, and it only takes one sue happy celebrity to ruin your life.
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    Thanks everyone....I don't don't believe I ever changed a business concept so quickly! Thank goodness I have a plan B

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    Guess you should got permission from the photographer, the likeness of the famous person is their property.

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