Blogger earns $54,000 a DAY

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Hey gang..

Just read a wired article about a guy who makes
$54k/day drawing d**ks on people's faces..

Now ofcourse that's not all he does. But most
people love him for that!

You probably heard of Perez Hilton. Love him or
hate him (most hate him) - he's making a killing
doing what he loves most.

What's interesting is - how the celebs he makes
fun of - love him! And how the very people who
hate him, read his blog daily!

Kind of like the howard stern phenomena??

There are many "viral marketing" experts out there but
here's a guy who's been there done that.

His blog is a live case study of what works. Notice how
he stirs your curiosity to see the forbidden with negative commands
like "If You Are Easily Offended - then do not CLICK HERE!"

And how he gets attention by being controversial, real,
and using wordplay to make boring stories seem like
alarming scandals.

He's already got a vh1 tv show, a clothing line and will
have his own record label within the next year.

Something to learn about from someone, who at the end
of the day, is a....... blogger.

Waddya think?

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  • Profile picture of the author Solidsnake
    This kind of fake and nonsense article should not be posted over and over again... worthless...
  • Profile picture of the author John Motson
    Why is it fake? The guy has a point... Perez Hilton has done a great job at capturing the general public audience... something we should all be aiming at. Targetting the IM world is no the be all and end all of IM... in fact, most people make a killing targetting the general public as they are easily manipulated (in a positive way).

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