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I was searching around for a free & easy way to track my Craigslist ad views and wasn't really having the best of luck. After looking for a while, I decided to come up with my own way. This got my thinking, so here is what I came up with. Essentially, the idea is to place a transparent image in the ad to keep track of the ad views.

1) Create or Download a transparent .png file. (Rick Click and Save Image -->) I use a 10 x 10 square so it isn't noticeable in the ad.

2)Create an imgur account. The only reason I say use imgur is because I know they track views on uploaded images. If you know of another image hosting site, feel free to use them.

3. Upload the transparent image to your imgur account.

4. Once the image is uploaded, click on the thumbnail.

5. Copy the snippet of code under the "HTML Image (websites / blogs)" section.

6. At the bottom of your ad, post the snippet of code. **be sure to either change or erase the title attribute**

7. Now every time the image is loaded (when someone views the ad) it will be tracked by imgur. Just log into your account. Go to your images page. Click the thumbnail of the image. Along the top you will see where it says "Views".

This isn't "up-to-the-minute" tracking, but it's seemed to work out pretty well for me for tracking day to day. It gives you a good idea of how many views you're getting. If I want to track multiple ads, I just upload the image again but with a different name. I hope this helped someone out.
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    I think this can be a great possibility for those who makes money with craigslist. But will the image load be counted when the page is accessed by bots, saying google bot?
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    That's good I didn't know imagur tracked views.

    Usually image tracking uses a 1 px by 1px size. Even Gimp can resize it for free. Less obtrusive and less bandwidth. Not that it is a much bw, but I like to be as efficient as I can be.

    PS as far as the Google bots go, don't worry about them. Last time I was doing searches on Craigs list for LA, G didn't have a clue what was on them. They are moving so quickly, G doesn't bother keeping up.
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    You don't need an image, just use fire-pixel code. Simply re-place image url with the tracking url and set height/width to 1px, border 0. There's plenty of free tracking services. You can also use url shortners that track like and use the fire-pixel code as I mentioned. All visits will be tracked and with the right service you'll also know how many are bots, real visits and uniques.
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    There is no use in tracking views, I would track conversion instead. Use Google Analytics for this (set goals). Traffic without conversion is useless. No return on investment.
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    Thats a good free way to track Craigslist ads.
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    this won't work too much longer as craigslist is banning img tags in the for sale section.
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    I've accomplished something similar with an image and a PHP code that counts how many times the image loads. Works like a charm but you would need to link the image and have your own server.

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