What Is The Proven Best/Most Responsive Safelist/Safelists?

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently doing some research into finding out which is the Proven Best/Most Responsive Safelist/Safelists?

All experiences/knowledge regarding "The Best Safelists Online" would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks In Advance.

All The Best
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    I wouldn't recommend using a safelist, it won't be very effective. I haven't used a safelist in more than 4 years, and even then it wasn't very effective. Stick with the methods that are working today: PPC, video marketing, article marketing, content targeting, do a JV, etc.
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    Safelists DO work if you use them the right way. I personally know several people using safelists to consistently build lists as we speak. This is probably the best read for utilizing safelists:-

    Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide - Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free Leads And Website Traffic From Safelists!

    If you use safelists effectively, they can still be very worthwhile.

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      Originally Posted by Jeff Usher View Post

      Safelists DO work if you use them the right way.
      Good principle.

      I do NOT like safelists, but what I can say is this:

      When you try to do something and a tool doesn't work, the easiest way to "solve" the problem is to blame the tool. A more difficult way is to try harder and make it work.

      Everyone chooses what is gonna be for her or him, but saying "Article marketing doesn't work", "safelists don't work", "ezine advertising doesn't work" ... is not helping anyone (and is not true).

      Tip (to whom it may be concerned): confine yourself in saying that something doesn't work for you.

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