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Anyone know of a good Facebook automatic posting script that is web based? I heard that the non-web based software hurt your edge rank and doesn't show up in the news feed that often.
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    With the new edge rank algorithm changes autoposting REALLY, REALLY damages your visiblity within the neewsfeed.

    Best advice is to SIMPLY NOT DO IT ANYMORE.

    If you must do then their are a few providers who have been grated whitelisted status by facebook.

    Their was a big write up a few weeks ago about these changes and the various articles listed the whitelisted providers.
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    Where do you find Robotic Surfing's products?
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    Thanks for letting me know about edge ranking. I was wondering why my website RSS feed using the RSS graffiti app to post wasn't appearing on the new feed. roboticsurfing.com looks like a great solution.
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    There are softwares and scripts available but i suggest you should not go for them as they are a kind of spam
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    billyski, thanks for sharing your knowledge on Facebook edge ranking. I will check out Robotic Surfing's auto poster. I've used Hootsuite before and other web based posters. Robotic Surfing looks like the ticket.
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    Is hootsuite ok to use? I
    Mean will it damage edge rankings?
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    o, Hoot Suite is a web based auto posting. You need a browser based auto posting.
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    I would stay away from the web based automatic posters like Hootsuite, Social Oomph, and the RSS Feeds. Facebook gives poor edgeranking.
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    use facebook blaster to do the same.
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    Facebook blaster fan page poster section hasn't work for months. They haven't updated to the latest Facebook changes. They also don't allow you to change Proxies so you can't setup multiple accounts. FFAP and Robotic Surfing are the best solutions to play the Facebook game.
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    Autoblogging is Spam. Don't waste your time, it's not effective and you don't gain any benefit. If you want to do comment blogging then manual and semi automatic blogging software like Robotic Surfing is the right way to do it.
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    I've used Hootsuite in the past, but I'd also never heard about this business with the new rankings issue. Posting by hand takes too much time though because I like to post to dozens of sites.
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    Automatic posting damages a lot of how your viewers look at you, if you take the time, or at least make it look like you do (;, to write out your post, users will respect your post more.
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    Its best to Use RSS feeds on ur facebook fan page... I have tested it and it works wonders as I ve integrated Google alerts with my feeds... so as soon as a content is indexed in google related to my Niche, it is automatically posted to my fan page.
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    hey read facebook terms and conditions - automatic and automation software use for auto posts are strictly prohibited. it can definitely demage your facebook account as well as your fun page.
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    Like pramwebninja said, automatic posting is against their terms. Most of the time when it comes to autoposting the rule to know is that if it looks like a robot is doing something you will get hurt in the long run. With most automated posting tools, they tend to post the information, but the problem I see is that they always show it via (the automated posting script) used. It also shows your fans that you are using automated software to post. Best advice is to post on facebook by hand. My recommendation is to do this manually 2-5 times per day. I usually have it done 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the afternoon. Maybe post 1 link to your own content and the other 3 to related content. I mean it's not hard to post a couple links by hand. You have to do it with the automated software anyhow.

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