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Hi everybody,

I like IM but I don't want to make a list, I do have Aweber account, but I don't actually use them, so I am thinking to unsubscribe. Do you I can succeed in IM without a list. Is there anybody who is making money without a list?
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    Owning a list is actually a long term strategy for building your business into a bigger scale.
    Yes, you May or may not make money with a list.
    But if you don't want to spend money in near future marketing stuff, I suggest you build a list now and leverage on them.

    Check all those big dogs like ebay, facebook, myspace and so on..
    They are owning your email address, aren't they building list?

    -Nicholas Ho
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    Why do you want to make it so hard on yourself? Creating a list (or indeed lists) allows you to make free offers to attract people interested in you and your products and services and then send them messages to build a relationship with them to gradually build to sale after sale after sale for years to come.

    Without a list you have to make your call to action to buy from you in one step. Very, very few people will be prepared to do that meaning you'll have to work so much harder to make a fraction of the sales that a nurtured list can bring,

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      I am actually building my list. And it is a great way to make long term clients who want and use your stuff. Also, it is a terriffic way to test out your new stuff so that you can market it to get yourself an even bigger list.

      I know, I said "list" a lot...LOL

      But it's true. A list is the best way I know of to make any kind of money quickly off of your stuff. And when it comes down to it, they kind of become your online buddies because they will start to ask questions that you, being an expert in your field can answer and they will grow to trust you. When two of the same product come out, and yours is one of them, who do you think your list is going to go to? Someone that they have no idea if the product is any good? Or yours who they know they can count on?

      So, um, yeah, I happen to think that a list is incredibly important in IM.

      Does that make any sense?
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    You can generate consistent streams of income without a list by promoting membership sites/monthly services and somewhat consistent money using Jason Moffat's fancy YouTube trickery (just watched that 40 somethin' minute video, gonna' try that sucker out), monetized sites that get organic traffic, etc...

    But why don't you want to build lists? It's long term and it just makes life easier.
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      I don't have any sort of lists but I can say I am getting into a stable status... The only thing I have is an RSS that has around 5k subscribers built since February...
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      Thanks for your kind response, I know list is important and we can leverage on it but do you think it actually works. I am on many peoples list and I get at least 30 e mails a day, but I only open 1 or 2 that I really am looking forward to because if I sit and read the others I get distracted from my job on hand. And I feel my list also would do the same if not for the same reasons.
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    Yes, you can make money without a list.
    But you can make money with a list!

    You can use a list to make money online ANYTIME. And its free (you just have to pay for an autoresponder account.)

    The bottom line is it's better to build a list so you can "print money on-demand" when ever you want!

    -Micah Rush
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      Sometimes people are not ready to buy the first time around. I have made sales on the reminder email that went out to the list.

      I'm able to get a nice little surge to a blog when something new comes about.

      It is easy to make the costs pay for themselves.

      You can go without it, but I wouldn't at this point.

      You can succeed, but with a list you can dominate.
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    Originally Posted by tamtu View Post

    Hi everybody,

    I like IM but I don't want to make a list, I do have Aweber account, but I don't actually use them, so I am thinking to unsubscribe. Do you I can succeed in IM without a list. Is there anybody who is making money without a list?
    Yes, you can succeed in IM without a list.

    However, keep this in mind: In one of the niches I'm involved in, my list is responsible for 80% of my profits in that specific niche. In another niche it's responsible for 37% of my profits (different product mixes & price points).

    If you're in a business model that can make use of a list, I think you're certifiably insane for not having one. You're literally not making as much money as you could be. For many beginners, it could spell the difference between making it or not. Why make it more difficult on yourself to succeed?

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    It depends on what niche you're in, but in many niches (IM included) a targeted and responsive opt in list is arguably the most important asset the internet entrepreneur has.

    As mentioned by Wellymulia, most of your visitors will not purchase anything from you or take you seriously at first contact (unless you have an already established brand name). In fact, it takes about 7 points of contact before the average visitor feels comfortable enough to buy from you - when you have an opt in list, it allows you to get to that 7th contact.

    I have several lists, and I even have different lists for clients and non clients (a client list is actually far more valuable!)

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      You can make good money without a list - but you can make better money with one. I wasn't keen on list building in the beginning either, but I got to the stage where I realised that for my business to progress beyond the level I was at, I needed a more long term strategy.

      By letting your customers get away you constantly need to make more sales, but by having a list (and building a good relationship with them) you can earn more consistently with less work.

      I haven't been doing list building for very long and my lists are still small, but I'm starting to see that the bigger I build my list, the more I will earn in the long run.
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      If you want to make quick bucks you can make it without a list. But, if you want to build a lasting business you have to build a list.

      Most of people tell you you need a list to succeed but they don't tell you what to do to build a responsive list. It is not about collecting email adresses and sending them sales pitches day after day. You need to learn what to do to get a list of people eager to open your emails.

      Let me ask you a question. Do you think it is easier to sell your product or services to a complete stranger or to a person you have had contact before; whether it's an email conversation, forum participation or even an existing customer relationship (i.e. He has bought something from you).

      Without doubt, it would be harder to sell to a total stranger who does not know whether or not you are a honest seller, and whether or not they should trust your words and believe that your product or services will truly benefit them. Read more at Work At Home Start Up Guide: How To Build a Profitable Customer Base

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