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What are your thoughts on how frequently a multi-part free course should be emailed to opt-in subscribers?

I have a 7-part course on how to start an information marketing business. Now, I realize that others with free courses choose to send out one part every couple of days, or even one each week. However, I wanted to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and I therefore make all of the parts available immediately, one after another, on a website. When the person finishes one page, he's given the link to go to the next page, etc. At the end of the course, he's given the option of buying the "full meal deal".

It seems to me that when a person comes across something they're interested in, you want to provide the info they're looking for right then. They don't want to wait for it. We live in an age of "instant gratification". If I just emailed the first part of the course, with the autoresponder set up to send the second part a week later, a lot of things could happen between now and then. He may find many other websites, sign up for their lists, and be bombarded with emails; thus, my next part of the course would simply get lost in the barrage of emails he's getting. Or, he may simply lose interest in the product over a period of several weeks. Etc.. etc.

Also, since someone who is really interested in learning about a product wants to learn about it immediately, why make him wait for bits and pieces of your course over the next month or two? Just give him the info, and let him decide if he wants to pursue it further by getting your product.

What are your thoughts on this? Is your free course set up to be delivered over a series of weeks, or to be received all at once?

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    Hey, Brian -

    Since no one has answered you yet, I'll put forth a start for you... and you'll probably get varied replies to your post... because in my experience lots of marketers find a scenario and stick with it.

    Personally, I agree with you, and I believe we should let people consume our info when, where, and how they wish. Lots of marketers do not offer this...

    So part one answer: Lots of marketers have a day 0 [immediate]... then a day 1 [next day] email. After this, it seems to vary a lot. Some like a 2-day increment and others a 3- or 7-day increment, or some hybrid of all that.

    Part two answer: I like the blurb at the bottom of an email that states something like "Want to go on to Lesson X? Just click here and you'll go right to it." [Or something like that.]

    Hope this helps / just my opinion and experience -

    Chip Tarver
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      I don't have any courses set up on the web like you described, but I do have one set up as a 10-day email course (one email a day for 10 days). I do get a fair number of sign ups for that, but I get many more sign ups for the free ebooks I give away with opt in to the newsletters.

      So maybe that's food for thought for me on which one is more popular, getting all the info right away, or spaced out over several days.

      On a personal level, I do prefer to get all the info right away. By the time I've received the first couple of installments over days or weeks I might lose interest or feel like I don't have time to read them, so file them away somewhere and never get to them again. Come to think of it, I have done that! LOL

      Maybe it differs for various niches, but it seems to me like instant gratification rules.

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    I like the 2-day increment myself but since you will have a 7 day course just send them out 1 per day. There are several marketers that will advertise "Subscribe To My One Week Crash Course & You Learn How To......."

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      Originally Posted by Andres View Post


      I like the 2-day increment myself but since you will have a 7 day course just send them out 1 per day. There are several marketers that will advertise "Subscribe To My One Week Crash Course & You Learn How To......."


      Hey, Andres -

      Great point there...

      1. You have already told the reader that it's a '7-day' AND a 'one week' arrangement so they are forewarned about the incremental frequency

      2. Anybody with 10 fingers [or a minimum of 7] can figure out in advance that you'll probably be sending one email per day [simple math]

      3. A 'course format' implies that each piece builds on the previous piece like a series on TV, so the expectation level of the subscriber is different in this scenario and the readers' anticipation level is higher as well

      4. There is less market resistance to your email series because of 1 to 3 above and because typically the recipient interest level is higher, too

      'Nuff said... again you make a good point there. I believe you'll also find an overall higher open rate on a fixed-length series, as well as a higher click-through rates if you offer clickable links in your lessons to something else to measure your pickup rates


      PS - This is a totally different reader than the "I know you'll beat me to death with your incessant and stupid emails that hammer me to buy your crappy stuff and tell me how awful my life will be if I don't but I want your free opt-in bribe and I'll unsub after I get it" neverending email cycle...

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