Blood, sweat and tears on display. Could you take a look at my sales page and give me some input?

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I have a new clickbank product up and I would like some opinions.

If you want a copy to review just let me know here and I will send a link.

I really need to get this thing going so any input would be great!

Here is the link:

Ultimate Acne Control | End Your Acne & Enjoy Your Skin

(Weird how it automatically grabs the page title info for the link. That is nifty!)

Thanks warriors,

PS - Don't be thrown off by the pen name. It is mine 100%.
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    Daniel - your site looks really good bro.

    I like the placement of your optin and the sales letter is shorter that most which does make it easier to read.


    • Profile picture of the author PatrickDom
      My primary point of feedback: I would want to see some proof points
      (a) why I should believe you are a credible source
      (b) have any medical professionals reviewed or enoorsed your book?
      (c) testimonials - who has benefited from your book

      Also, I found your offer confusing. Is your main offer a survey or a book?

      All the best

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