How many words on a ebook page?

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How many words on a standard ebook page? Also what font and style do most people use? Thanks
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    Industry standard is 250. That's an average, of course. Mine average 300 words per page using Verdana 12 or 13 pt font and single spaced paragraphs.
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    I agree with Tina. When I write e-books I average about 300 (sometimes less, depending on subheadings) and typically use Verdana, Arial, or Times New Roman in a 10 or 11 font.
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    That seems like a lot. Not that I am an expert but remember some books I read with huge writing. Guess they were compensating for lack of content.
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    Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

    How many words on a standard ebook page?

    Size does not matter in this particular instance. It is what you do with it.

    Don't worry about how many words are on a page. Font choice or size maybe.

    Make it big enough to read and a clear enough font to read.
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    I tend to write more. I use Arial 12 point usually and may change size for headers or certain points. I can have 500 words on a page as I don't tend to use graphics.
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    A bit of a graphic can be more helpful and making the idea more clearer, 250 word plus a graphic in it is mostly what I usually do the rest without it i go for 300.
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    11 or 12 point font, your choice on serif or sans but pick one that's easy to read. Most ebooks I see are double spaced, which makes their pages clearer but also reduces the number of words per page...and expands the book. When I write technical articles, they're usually 600 words and about a page and a half. So that comes out to about 400 a page and then factor in the double spacing and you get to 250 or so. Content matters, though! If you have a "Less Is More" approach and the factoids you're providing are really effective, readers won't mind that the page isn't crammed full of words.
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    In my opinion dont just go for filling your ebook with words. Fill your ebook with real knowledge you have and words will automatically come out.
    Nobody buys an ebook just to count words. People buy ebooks for knowledge and if you are giving them what you want then no matter if it is 500 words or 5000 words.

    Its just my view
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    Wow, a lot of folks are doing 200-300 pages worth of ebook.. An I taught I am being a bit of a 'potty mouth' at 100 pages :-p
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    Seems like a lot of words per page! I just looked at an ebook I bought, has 12 pt font and 200 words.

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