Working With Fonts In Wordpress

by James Pierson 6 replies
I want to change

the font
font size
font spacing
link spacing
paragraph spacing

This would include the headline, subheadlines, quotes and body for a certain wordpress theme that I have.

How do I do this?
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    search for html font size and style in google. U'l get the commands and write the content using these codes in html view of post edditor
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    these some of the html you can use

    These are the tags for changing the font size.

    <big>text</big> increase the size by one <small>text</small> decrease the size by one <h1>text</h1> writes text in biggest heading <h6>text</h6> writes text in smallest heading <font size="1">text</font> writes text in smallest fontsize. (8 pt) <font size="7">
    writes text in biggest fontsize (36 pt)
    do google search for html help
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      You can download a plugin called TinyMCE advanced,you will be able to change the font size and type.
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        I think there are two cases here:

        1. If I want to change it for the whole theme. In this case, it would just be once.

        2. If I want to change it for each page or post. This would not be once but for each page or post.
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          Originally Posted by James Pierson View Post

          I think there are two cases here:

          1. If I want to change it for the whole theme. In this case, it would just be once.

          2. If I want to change it for each page or post. This would not be once but for each page or post.
          1. Stylesheet (style.css of your theme)

          2. Bad practice...

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    One of the easiest ways to use 'non-basic installed fonts' is using Google's API library. Trouble with using other than default fonts is if the viewer does not have the font you are using, they only see the default font their computer is set up for. You can use any of these fonts free and the page, (or site, it is not usually recommended to mix too many fonts): Google Web Fonts . How to use them, (CSS): Getting Started - Google Web Fonts API - Google Code .

    That way, the font is loaded by the page and they see what you want them to. Add code to Header area of your theme.

    Because fonts can be a bit heavy, you want them to load last. In the meantime, you want your content showing, so use the load manager to ensure the site displays your content in the users default font until the page completely loads when it will auto-refresh, (fonts only), and display in the font you are preferring. How to use load manager here: WebFont Loader - Google Web Fonts API - Google Code

    I am not a HUGE fan of using Google resources, however, they do have their place and in my VERY limited experience, they are the most reliable and fastest loading fonts, (when using other that the basic selection), I have found. As a note: I should mention, there are many other font libraries for web page use. (Microsoft has a typography site, Yahoo font APIs, Adobe has paid font libraries, lots of universities have free libraries, too many to name them all. Each will work similar or exactly like the Google example.)

    Hope this helps?

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