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This is an interesting one. An old buddy of mine has been hosting a domain at for several years. Over the course of the last year or so, hotchilli has gradually become unreliable, culminating in his site being 'unavailable' for several days.

The hotchilli support, of course, is non-existent, so he did what anyone would have done - he moved it to another host. However - he made the schoolboy error (admittedly a few years ago!) of registering it with as well as hosting it there, so he now has a problem. are refusing to unlock the domain unless he pays them $40 or some such, and naturally, he doesn't see why he should pay them for screwing up his business.

Personally, I only have niche sites, and none of them are worth 'fighting' for, so I can't really offer him any advice. Anyone got any suggestions? ANy legal route he can take to stop effective stealing his domain?

disclaimer - I have no persoanl knowledge of whether are as useless as he says - all I will say is that they seem to think (on their website) that $100 is a 'fair' price to register a domain, so that probably gives you some kind of idea about them.

Oh - and there's sweet f.a. about them online (except for a couple of complaints on ciao) , so I assume they are a tiddler in the scheme of webhosting.
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    And that is why you don't get free domains from a hosting company.
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      yeah, I can't really beat him up about that tho. First, it wouldn't do any good, and second, he did it years ago, before that one became common knowledge.

      So anyone got any ideas? Anyone ever gone into dispute over a domain?

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