Best CRM Salesforce vs Netsuite?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm evaluating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for a small business (my own). I need an online hosted solution, because myself and my employees need to be able to see the same data and I don't want the hassle of having our own server with a solution installed on it (too much hassle). Ideally, I want to be able to maintain a prospects list (people who enquire by telephone or email about our service), a client list and an orders database.

I'm looking at and I've briefly tested and am about to evaluate (they both offer a free trial).

Salesforce doesn't seem to have order processing built-in (unless I'm missing something), it just seems to have salesforce / marketing automation. You have to either use an application from the AppExchange (what happens if the company ceases trading I wonder!) or write your own application using salesforce's platform (expensive and time-consuming!)

Netsuite seems to have a solution that covers salesforce / marketing automation, order processing and a host of other features.

I would be grateful if anyone with experience of either salesforce or netsuite could share their experience. Plus, are there any other vendors I should consider?

Kindest regards,

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    There is also a very free solution called

    SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM
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      Originally Posted by BlueSquares View Post

      There is also a very free solution called

      SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM
      I second, third and fourth that. I've used SugarCRM for local clients since version 1.0 came out a few years ago. Haven't had a call yet that screamed about a hack or problem with the system. Very stable and user friendly since version 2.

      Their bi-lingual employees love it since it helps to breck down any misunderstandings in communications.

      It also can be accessed by sales people and in field contractors when out of the office.
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      Originally Posted by BlueSquares View Post

      There is also a very free solution called

      SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM
      I've checked out the On Demand option (as I mentioned I need a hosted online solution), unfortunately it doesn't look like you can do order processing, I need to keep details of clients' orders online.

      Thanks for your help though.

      Kindest regards,

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    And does anyone know if there is an email autoresponder that integrates to either of these two?

    Or do these platforms negate the need for an email mgmt, sending and autoresponder?
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      Act! by Sage it handles everything and takes care for the rest like administrative tasks while you're focus growing your business.This software would really help you to emphasize your goals and it would make a very useful and organized conversations to the people you do business with.
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    There's a new entry called iKnowWare that's worth checking out.
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    We put Salesforce to the test here awhile back (it's evolved a bit since then, though, just an FYI). For the price, we found it clunky then trying to use their templates and manage documents, communications, files, etc.

    They have plenty of tutorials and training, but we just found it to be way too much of a learning curve to actually get anything done. Seemed like we had stop, drop and train on each thing we tried to do there, slowing projects to a halt.

    Things may be better there now, though. Don't know.

    What's worked better here is to use the basics, most of which are free to low-cost like:

    - Our own Word docs and Excel sheets ( SalesForce uses Microsoft tools anyway - or did back then, so just use them yourself).

    - Using team work module in Kayako v3, Google docs (free) and a forum like this one (install the script to your own hosting and set up private areas for your team).

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