How do you keep organised?

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Hello warriors,

I am a propper bloke... My organisational skills are desperate

How do you keep everything organised?

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    Hey Danny,

    It may take a little getting used to, but mind mapping will transform your thinking and organization of information.

    Do a Google search if you don't know what mind mapping is.

    Then, when you're ready to jump in, do another search for mind mapping software, or go with my recommendation of Mind Manager from Mindjet: Brainstorming, Free Form Thinking, and Visual Aid Mind Mapping Software Program (if you have the $$$ to spend).

    I use mind maps for everything from passwords, to-do lists, project planning, goals, creating presentations, accumulating knowledge and ideas from the stuff I read/watch - everything.

    Once you can get past the learning stage - your brain will never be the same.

    DO this!!!

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    I just use windows vista sticky notes or create notepad documents lol
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    It's all very well offering different systems, but from experience, it has to be something that's comfortable to you. Sometimes the simpler the system, the more likely you are to use it, and the more effective it becomes.

    I use Outlook notes for usernames and passwords, and I have folders for each project / article series.
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    I use Roboform and affiliateorganizer
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    I know each person has their own ways of organizing, but let me throw one more point about mind mapping into the mix.

    Instead of a system for passwords, another system for projects, another system for to-do's, and so on, why not organize your organizational stuff into a single system?

    Min maps make this extremely easy to do.

    It's all about the power of one - one overriding way of doing something. That's what organizing is all about, right?

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    Danny, I use a simple text file for my main passwords.

    If you have hundreds of passwords, then a spreadsheet is your friend :-)

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    For passwords I use Roboform.
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      Back when I had fewer passwords I was fond of programs like Roboform, there used to be some web service I used back in the 1.0 days it was something like Frogform or something that did the similar thing. Anyway, I use Anypassword now and I manually enter passwords. I don't like the idea of being automatically logged in and stuff.

      All other organization I use Vista sticky pads, iPhone (apps: Zenbe lists, notepad, ecconote for voice notes which are good when driving, calendar, for managing money).
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    hmmm I think I am no more organised than anybody else.


    Thanks for the tips

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    David Allen has a book called Getting Things Done that teaches a great organization techniques from what I've heard. My sales engineer uses it and swears by it.

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