Calling all seasoned video experts.

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Hello to all video kings and queens.

I am trying to add 10 videos onto my Dreamweaver-8 web page.

I would like for the page to come up fairly quickly (normal) for my visitors.

Is there any way to have the videos embedded into the page
(maybe with screen shot of each one, Say, 480 x 650 pix or smaller) and then, only when the visitor clicks on the video, it would then start to download and play, for then to view?

Is there any step by step learning for this process, or is it quite simple to explain?

Thanks for any ideas in this matter.
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    Watch the Techsmith tutorial videos... and you would surely learn a lot about it!

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    Have you tried YouTube? They don't load automatically until you click on the picture.
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      The issue you raise is a very important page optimization strategy that you definitely need if you have more than one video on a page.

      "Have you tried YouTube? They don't load automatically until you click on the picture."
      Yes, but there is another huge problem that this causes... it is because of what I call "video tasting" most people will click and view the first few seconds of each video on a page stopping each one and loading the next to see which they want to watch.

      When this happens with youtube videos they do not stop loading and soon you have many videos loading at the same time and it bogs down the visitors internet connection bringing page load to a stand still.

      The key is this:

      You should never have more than one video loading on a page at a time.

      One strategy is to take a screen shot or image capture of a frame from each video and make a gif or jpg thumbnail.

      You can then use a lightbox or modal popup to display the video when it is opened and closed.

      I tested a few scripts for this and added some training on how to do it to my Trigger Players package.

      Do a search on google for lightbox modal and you will find lots of resources for ligthbox modal scripts if you do not want to purchase my package.

      The key though is to get a modal that closes completely when clicked to close. This will stop the video from playing or loading invisibly in the background. I had to have the modal I chose recoded to work correctly for this purpose.

      The reason I had to do that is because some modal scripts though they make the layer invisible continue to load the invisible layer in the background.

      For direct response sites with more than one video on a page this is the single most important aspect of publishing video.

      Why? Because it will decrease your conversion rate if your page loads slow because all your videos load at once or if your visitors click on multiple videos at once.

      I have several sites employing this strategy but the best example is FLV Video Player - FLV Video Hot Spots - FLV Player Triggers which uses lightbox modal pops to display a series of tutorial videos right on the page.

      This issue is a common problem with guru launch sites that use a lot of video... they focus on optimizing their copy but then forget one of the most basic principles of web development that effects response... optimizing your page for fast loading time.

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