Cool Offer for Warriors

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Hi Warriors,

I am just feeling really happy, business is doing well but that is not the reason for this Offer .... Its just that my boys have some free time in their hands and want to keep'em busy ;-)

Ok let me explain the offer.

For the first 20 people who will reply they can get FREE 100 % Manual Submission to PR 3 to PR 5 100 websites.

Post Here , and PM me the below mentioned details.

Required Details:

Keywords: 5 max
Description: less then 200 Characters.

Your website will be submitted within 48 hrs time

Best Regards,

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    I'd love to take you up on this offer...
  • Profile picture of the author shiraziscool
    Title: One Click access to all the important websites.
    URL: My Everyday Page - One Click access to all the important websites.
    Keywords: links, url, websites, important websites, list
    Description: One Click access to all the important websites. email, search engines, entertainment, famous portals, social networking, Office Productivity, Downloads, Photos & Wallpapers, Finance, Technical Paradise, Famous Blogs, Google Tools, Mind Power & Spirituality, Health Conscious,MEP TV Specially Selected Videos.

    I hope this is all what you need, Thanks for your great gesture :-)
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    I'll take you up on that

    PM on the way - and thanks!
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    I just sent you a PM
  • Profile picture of the author MrYossu
    If this generous offer is still available, I'd love to ahve the links. Here are my details...

    Title: The Ultimate Baby Guide
    Keywords: newborn baby help
    Description: Essential guide for new and expecting parents, packed full of help & advice for baby's first 12 months, including a monthly development guide. Plus 90+ minutes of soothing sounds to help baby sleep.

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      Dear Warriors ,

      Thank you very much for your love and a massive response. Well I am sure this will keep the boys busy and might even kill one of them ;-)

      However, with your positive response and motivation i'll definatly have some more things to offer ...... which I can do occasionally .....

      the final list of warriors who are in are ;

      Dee Power
      Daniel Macoy
      Jose Delgado
      Kelly Verge
      Spud Ds
      Dan C Rinnert
      Shiraz is cool
      Michael Lee

      Sorry , guys can't take more ..... if you want can take me up for full 1000 but that is paid , don't want it to sound like a pitch but you'll definatly get your money's worth ... or could just wait for a couple of days and i'll come up with some similar offer again .......


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    I was one of the lucky twenty and Tirmizi came through big time.

    Here are some stats for my new site:

    Alexa traffic rank based on a combined measure of page views and users (reach)
    Yesterday 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg. 3 mos. Change
    N/A* 297,219 322,965 up 1,402,133

    Tirmizi is not responsible for all of the growth but he did help.
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      I was one of the very Lucky ones that got in on this one. And Glad that I did.

      I did some testing on torrent marketing a while back. I didn't neccessarily get slapped by Google...I got hit in the face! So...they took away my PR5 and took me out of the serps.

      I had to do something fast but, I was already overwhelmed by the challenge of reworking my site.

      I'm back in the results and it's getting better each day because of Tirmizi service. He knows what he's doing which amounts to about 90% of the Google battle.

      Here's where I sit today with just one of the keyword phrases:

      So...Google! How does it Feel to Get Slapped Back?

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