Just got laid off, I need your help!

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So the inevitable happened.. laid off most likely permanently and now I'm freaking out. As I look for another job I'd like to give online marketing a try. I know there is a lot of free information in this forum and I will be going through it. Only problem is the amount of information makes me scatter brained!

What I have to get started:

Market Samurai
A few marketing courses
Will be hosting with BlueHost
Almost all day while I'm not looking for work.

I have however no real direction. It seems to me $600 will most likely go too fast, might not see anything from all of this.

What would you do with my resources and $600? Thanks in advance.
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    Please do not waste it on any products, offers or tricks. My advice is to focus on getting a job, and don't enter marketing because you are desperate.

    Read the posts here, learn the industry a bit, find what you think is interesting.

    Desperation makes bad decisions.
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    Hey I am sorry for what happened to you. I have been in internet marketing for one year and to tell you the truth this IM thing so so time consuming. You will not see results overnight. One of the quickest options for you to join CPA networks and work with their Affilaite Managers to make quick money. Also its worth checking out this link:
    I saw 22000 views on this thread. Who knows you might get some gold out of it, just my two cents.

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      I wouldn't try internet marketing without a job, I've been doing it for years, but even I had a job when I started. As stated above, if you have to try it, don't waste any money on products here, join a CPA network, and ask your AM for help. I'd recommend Rocket Dollars, in my sig.
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    One thing you might try, and I highly recommend this, is start a blog about something that you really like, and friends of yours really like. Then find some products to promote on it occasionally to your friends. It's not going to make you a living, but it will make you a few dollars here and there.

    That could eventually grow, and its cheap and gives you something to do also.
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    Hey Allen,
    I'm sorry to hear about getting laid off, that really is a bummer, I am however glad you came to WF for help.
    Some of the best online marketers are on this site, and many of them use tools from a company I recently started affiliating for.

    If you are interested in these tools, just take a look at these links, if you like the information you see, purchase them. I recommend using Wordpress strictly because most of our clients have become most successful on WP as opposed to starting a site from scratch.

    Thanks for your time, I really hope you find yourself successful during this lay off, hey, think about it, it could be a blessing in disguise, internet marketing could be your calling.

    These products in my signature will definitely serve as useful for you, or if you would like more information or some more products available, please feel free to email me.

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    Do not spend any of your $600. You have some basics already.

    Follow these instructions:
    Do keyword research using the free google keyword tool

    Find a niche with over 2500 global monthly searches and low competition.

    Get a domain and host it on your account.

    Put up a free, high converting squeeze page.

    Set up and autoresponder for the opt ins.

    Give a lot of value to your customers before promoting to them.

    Once in a while promote an affiliate product or something to them that is of high value and good reputation that has been around a while.

    Get traffic to your squeeze page.

    Search this forum for free traffic methods, there are a lot of them and also

    Just join the War Room with a one time lifetime fee and then get
    this free traffic generating easy to set up and use software.


    All those step by step things can be done in a day or two and then getting traffic and getting the site going will be what you focus on.

    Once you have that going, add a blog to the same domain as a sub-domain and maybe add some resource pages with other products and services related to your niche or even a store on a separate page.

    Nothing fancy. Anyone can do this, even without any prior experienc.e

    Good luck.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    I'm with the above posters...your best bet is to find another job.

    I've quit my "real" jobs on 2 separate occasions to try and make the leap into full time internet marketing and while I definitely made progress, I eventually ran out of money and had to get a job.

    I can also tell you that IM becomes A LOT more fun and A LOT more productive when you have some extra money that you can use to outsource mundane, time-consuming tasks. This is money that a steady job provides.

    In lieu of having said money, you'll most likely try to do everything yourself and invariably, indubitably burn out.

    Good luck with everything!
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    Sorry to hear that absoluteallen.

    I totally agree with @pacelattin.
    "Desperation makes bad decisions."

    There are a lot of Internet marketing materials and courses claiming you can make thousands of dollars in like a week time, but that's not really true...

    This area is very competitive so you really need to know what you are doing in the Internet marketing area.

    I don't intend to let you down, but it takes time to get some results with the Internet marketing.

    As @pacelattin suggested, you can start with a blog you are really passionate about and build a list.
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    Hey Allen,

    sorry to hear about your job.

    My recommendation: Get a "real" job. 600 bucks burn fast, no matter if it's for setting things up or for just surviving the TIME to set things up, and you most likely won't start off from day one (not that you couldn't do it, but that's what statistics say).

    With the backing of money coming in from a real job - sure, give IM a try

    Rob Konrad
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    This blog is awesome: http://www.robkonrad.com/blog. Read it.
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    Hey there Allen,

    Just like what everyone else is saying.. Try and steady yourself first with a job. Internet marketing.. thanks to all those "make $1000 in one day" offers.. may seem very tempting at first, but it requires a lot of time to digest what you've learnt and even longer to apply that into practice.

    This is especially true if your not familiar with how online marketing works.

    So, get a job, make sure you can stand on your own two feet. Then slowly dive into internet marketing a little bit at a time. Otherwise, you may end up with even less than you started off with..
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    At first I didn't see the "off" part and laughed a little, guess my mind was in the gutter.
    As everyone has said, get a job, when your IM income is more than enough to live on, then go full time on that

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